MEP Services

We offer one stop solution for all Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting & HVAC services which include Calculation of design loads, preparation of approval drawings for submission, preparation of working drawings for execution of work on site, technical coordination with client’s liasioning agency, preparation of preliminary cost estimates, preparation of tender documents along with technical Specifications, schedule of quantities, list of approved makes/materials, etc. Technical validation of contractor & assessment of shop drawings provided by contractor. Detailed services mentioned below.

Electrical Works:

Services offered by us include Calculation of total electrical connected load and maximum demand, Design of substation layouts / including transformers considering incoming HT supply, Sizing of transformer, DG Sets, HT breakers/isolators, HT cables, LT net distribution, Lighting & cable schedule, APFC panel with all layouts.

Plumbing/Sanitary Services:

Services offered by us include Calculation of total daily domestic water requirement. Preparation of preliminary design report with conceptual design & preliminary cost estimates. Design of cold water piping, internal waste & sewage piping, internal rain water piping for toilets. Design & layout of external sewage system with sewage treatment plant & re-cycling the treated effluent for irrigation & cooling towers make up.

Fire Fighting:

Services offered by us include Design of Fire Protection System with underground static water storage requirement as per TAC/Indian Standard Codes/Local Fire Authority’s Code. The Fire Protection System shall include design & layout of external/internal hydrant system for different areas, Layout of Sprinkler system, Layout of fire extinguishers as per requirement.

HVAC System:

Services offered by us include Calculation of cooling load estimates after receiving Architectural/Structural Drawings including Door/Window Schedule considering all losses, preparation of preliminary cost estimates, proposing air conditioning system & technical inputs for finalization of air conditioning system.

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